On the surface, buying and selling real property looks simple enough.  But there can be hidden traps either within the title to the property and/or the contract itself.  Doing your own conveyancing can be risky and if you make a mistake, you are responsible.

While most transactions proceed to a smooth completion, when things go wrong you really need an experienced professional by your side.

In most circumstances, you must have a contract in place before you attempt to sell your property.  If you are thinking about selling, please call us to discuss the procedures for your individual needs.

Likewise, if you are buying we are only too happy to provide you with our friendly and expert advice before you make one of the most important decisions of your life.

Using a Lawyer or a Conveyancer for this work is a personal choice.  Conveyancers and Lawyers are equally qualified to carry out conveyancing work.  However, a Lawyer can also give you legal advice about other matters.

At Tony Cox Lawyers and Conveyancers you get the best of both worlds so please call today for a very competitive quote.

Our team are also very experienced in buying and selling and businesses.  If you need advice and/or assistance in this regard, please contact us.