Tony Cox Lawyers Staff

Tony Cox is a well-known and well-respected local lawyer.  His firm, Tony Cox Lawyers & Conveyancers, comes with a renewed commitment to personalised service and offers the same friendly and professional support many have come to know and trust.

Tony is backed by his well-respected, highly experienced and competent team of Jenny Graham, Trish Lockery, Gina McNeil, Jess Wilson, Jessica Stucke and Tani Nagel.  This team have been working together for many years and have become a very well-oiled machine.  Their goal is to deliver the highest level of service with a focus on providing a favourable outcome with minimum fuss and maximum support all done within a timely fashion.

Tony Cox Lawyers & Conveyancers are committed to providing competitive and cost effective legal services.

Call today for a  quote or to arrange an appointment with Tony to discuss your legal needs.